Do you believe Fox News is fair and balanced?

Congress is considering legislation to give lifetime work permits and a path to citizenship for an estimated five million illegal immigrants. Do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose this legalization?

Strongly support - 63.6%
Somewhat support - 0%
Somewhat oppose - 0%
Strongly oppose - 36.4%

For the 2024 Presidential Elections, which one of the following Republicans would you support as a candidate? 2021 Important Issues


Which one of the following do you think is the leading economic power in the world today?

China - 66.7%
United States - 22.2%
Japan - 0%
Russia - 0%
The European Union - 11.1%

Do you think leaders of other countries around the world respect President Biden, or do you think they do not have much respect for him?

Leaders respect President Biden - 55.6%
Leaders do not have much respect for President Biden - 33.3%
Unsure - 11.1%


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