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In your opinion, who is a better role model for our country's children?

Looking ahead for the next few years, which party do you think will do a better job of protecting the country from international terrorism and military threats?

Overall, how closely do you follow news about national politics?

Do you feel that Donald Trump embodies the same values as most Americans?

When covering a political campaign, do most reporters try to offer unbiased coverage or do they try to help the candidate they want to win?



Al Smith V: Trump 'crossed the line and …


Al Smith V: Trump 'crossed the line and took it a little too far' at Catholic roast

“I think what we saw in the last debate a couple nights ago, we saw last night,” Al Smith V... Read more

Donald Trump’s Year of Living Dangerousl…


In January of 2005, the week before his third wedding, Donald Trump assured Billy Bush that this time he would... Read more

How Podesta became a cybersecurity poste…


When John Podesta forgot his Apple iCloud password last spring, he asked an aide to remind him — so she... Read more

WikiLeaks poisons Hillary’s relationship…


LAS VEGAS — Donald Trump is pointing to a stream of hacked emails as proof that Hillary Clinton would be... Read more

Trump's incredible shrinking map


In June, POLITICO identified 11 key battleground states — totaling 146 electoral votes — that would effectively decide the presidential... Read more


CNN: Clinton's Nuclear Launch Time Comme…


The military is "not especially thrilled" Hillary Clinton talked about nuclear weapon launch times during the presidential debate Wednesday night – information that is considered "extremely classified," CNN's Barbara Starr... Read more

Ivanka: My Father 'Will Never Lie to the…


Donald Trump's eldest daughter Thursday praised the GOP nominee as someone who is candid, not politically correct – and who will "never lie to the American people."... Read more

Dennis Miller: 'Ship Has Sailed' on Cons…


Comedian Dennis Miller is not in a laughing mood over the state of the country, telling Fox News' Bill O'Reilly on Thursday the zeitgeist of the country has gone too... Read more

Arizona Sheriff Arpaio Trails in Re-Elec…


Embattled Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio, whose get-tough policies to fight illegal immigration and praise of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump brought him nationwide attention, trails his opponent in this year's... Read more

Report: Undercover Video Activist Paid B…


The Trump Foundation reportedly paid $10,000 last year to controversial conservative activist James O'Keefe of Project Veritas, whose... Read more

Rush: Media Wanted Trump to Admit He Wil…


There's one reason the media is speaking in unison that Donald Trump lost Wednesday's debate when he didn't say he would concede defeat if he comes up short of votes,... Read more


She Never Spoke of It to Her Husband. Th…


She Never Spoke of It to Her Husband. Then She Heard the Trump Tape.

For the first time, women say, they are telling their husbands and boyfriends about the times they were groped at nightclubs or on a subway,... Read more

On the Ground: Hawaii Looks Back, and Ah…


On the Ground: Hawaii Looks Back, and Ahead, as Its Presidential Spotlight Dims

In Hawaii to monitor two hurricanes barreling across the Pacific, I took a detour to the neighborhood where President Obama grew up. HONOLULU — Drive... Read more

The Daily Toll: What 130 of the Worst Sh…


Denying guns to the dangerously unstable: Is the bar too high? Although mental illness is not a good predictor of violence, many gun policy experts... Read more

A Key Senate Race Shifts to a Ground Gam…


A Key Senate Race Shifts to a Ground Game: Knocking on Doors

Republican-aligned groups have their own well-funded, grass-roots army. Marcos Lopez, 22, works for Americans for Prosperity, a conservative group financed largely by the billionaire brothers... Read more

Trump and Clinton Both Accelerated Spend…


Trump and Clinton Both Accelerated Spending in September

Photo Donald J. Trump in Delaware, Ohio, on Thursday. He spent $70 million in September, according to reports filed Thursday with the Federal Election Commission.... Read more

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