Republicans are stripping power from incoming Democrats in Wisconsin and Michigan

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Democrats won upset gubernatorial elections in Wisconsin and Michigan last month, while Republicans managed to hold on to control of both chambers of the states' legislatures. During the lame-duck session, Republican state lawmakers introduced legislation that would limit the power of the executive branch in both states.  Democrats are outraged by the moves, calling them partisan power grabs. 

Democrats won upset gubernatorial elections in Wisconsin and Michigan last month, while Republicans managed to hold on to control of both chambers of the states' legislatures. The GOP is now doing its best to strip power from the executive branches in both states before Democrats take office in January. 

In Wisconsin, GOP leaders have introduced measures to limit Gov.-elect Tony Evers' control over the appointment of officials and the rule-making process, limit early voting, and move the 2020 presidential primary date in an apparent effort to help a Republican state Supreme Court candidate (which will cost the state $7 million), among other measures.

Democrats are calling the moves anti-democratic.

"The last election changed the state in a way that apparently the legislature has decided to not accept," Evers told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, on Sunday. Days after his victory over Gov. Scott Walker (R), Evers called the GOP plans "desperate antics to cling to power and violate the checks and balances of Wisconsin government."

The GOP is also pushing expansive legislation during the lame-duck session that would significantly undermine the power of Wisconsin's incoming Democratic attorney general. The proposal would allow lawmakers to hire a private attorney — at taxpayer expense — rather than relying on the attorney general to litigate certain cases; would give legislators final say in court settlements and how to spend that revenue; and would get rid of the solicitor general's office.

The bill would also take control of state litigation — like Wisconsin's lawsuit challenging Obamacare — away from the governor and give it to lawmakers. 

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Israeli Police Recommend Netanyahu Be Charged With Bribery In Telecom Case

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Police said they’d uncovered enough evidence to charge the prime minister and his wife with bribery and fraud.

Israeli police on Sunday recommended indicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on bribery charges related to a corruption case involving Israel’s telecom giant, prompting immediate calls for his resignation.

Police say their investigation has established an evidentiary foundation to charge Netanyahu and his wife Sara with accepting bribes, fraud and breach of trust. The case revolves around suspicions that confidants of Netanyahu promoted regulations worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the Bezeq telecom company in exchange for positive coverage of the prime minister on Bezeq’s subsidiary news website, Walla.

Police have already recommended indicting Netanyahu on corruption charges in two other cases. One involves accepting gifts from billionaire friends, and the second revolves around alleged offers of advantageous legislation for a newspaper in return for positive coverage.

The prime minister has denied any wrongdoing, dismissing the accusations as a witch hunt orchestrated by the media.

“The police recommendations regarding me and my wife don’t surprise anyone,” Netanyahu said in a statement. “These recommendations were decided upon and leaked even before the investigation began.”

The Bezeq case, known as Case 4000, is the most serious of all those of which Netanyahu has been accused. Two of his top confidants have turned state witnesses and are believed to have provided police with incriminating evidence. Netanyahu held the government’s communications portfolio until last year and oversaw regulation in the field. Former journalists at the Walla news site have attested to being pressured to refrain from negative reporting of Netanyahu.

Police say the investigation, which included the testimony of 60 witnesses, revealed that Netanyahu and Bezeq boss Shaul Elovitch engaged in a “bribe-based relationship.”

From 2012 to 2017 the prime minister and his associates “blatantly intervened” on a near-daily basis in the Walla new

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Kamala Harris To Decide On 2020 White House Run ‘Over The Holiday’

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The California Democrat is one of the most highly anticipated presidential prospects.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said Saturday she’ll decide whether to launch a 2020 presidential bid as 2019 prepares to dawn.

“It will ultimately be a family decision,” Harris told MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski at the “Know Your Value” conference in San Francisco. “And over the holiday, I will make that decision with my family.”

Harris, 54, is biracial and made history in 2016 as the first Indian-American to serve in the Senate, as well as just its second black woman.

In her Saturday comments, she acknowledged the challenges that a campaign against President Donald Trump will entail. Trump has made deriding his opponents in starkly personal terms a hallmark of his brand of politicking

“Let’s be honest. It’s going to be ugly,” Harris said.

Harris, who was California’s attorney general before winning her Senate seat in 2016, is one of the most highly anticipated 2020 contenders. As she mulls whether to make it official, there have been unmistakable signs that she plans on entering the race.

As this year’s midterm elections approached, Harris campaigned for Democratic candidates in the key early primary states of Iowa and South Carolina. She also stumped for two other nationally prominent black politicians in gubernatorial races ― Stacey Abrams in Georgia and Andrew Gillum in Florida.

In another tell, the senator sent $25,000 to the Democratic parties in all four early nominating states: Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada, and New Hampshire.

The clearest sign of her White House ambitions may be that she just happens to have a book scheduled for release in January ― about a year before, if tradition holds, the Iowa caucuses kick off the voting in the Democratic presidential race. Titled “The Truths We Hold: An American Journey,” the memoir draws on her personal story fighting for social justice to offer a “master class in problem-solving, in crisis management, and leadership in challenging times,”

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