Watching Kayleigh McEnany Beat Up the Corrupt Press Is a Never-Ending Delight

Kayleigh McEnany vs. the Press Isn’t a Fair Fight

Although I write about the political media a lot, I don’t consume as much of it as most people might think. The political press in this country is full of tedious, irresponsible idiots, and who needs to subject themselves to that? White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is changing my attitude on that a bit though.

McEnany so routinely chides the White House press corps that they’ll probably keep wearing masks long after the coronavirus pandemic is over just to hide their embarrassed faces.

Sarah Sanders was good at knocking the press pool around a little, but it’s McEnany’s style that I have fun watching. She effortlessly sneaks barbs in and she seems to really be enjoying herself.

Earlier in the month McEnany responded to a deliberately obtuse question from a reporter about Obamagate by noting that there had been a “lack of journalistic curiosity” in the press about the scandal.

Like her boss, McEnany is fond of reminding CNN what a bunch of hacks they are, which never, ever gets old.

Of Course, the Press Makes It All About Themselves

For too many years now journalists in general have been injecting themselves into stories, which was a professional taboo a very long time ago. In the Trump era, the White House press corps has really taken this lack of professionalism up a notch or two. CNN’s Jim Acosta is a self-aggrandizing tool who is just there to grandstand.

The press and talking heads on cable news are not pleased with McEnany’s performance so far, which just makes me like her even more, of course.

On this week’s Fox News Sunday, FNC’s Trump-hater in-chief Chris Wallace led a complaint panel that devoted some time to whining about McEnany. My colleague Julio Rosas covered it at our sister site Townhall:

Jonah Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Dispatch, criticized White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Sunday, saying her treatment of the White House Press Corps is “indefensible and grotesque” and akin to being a “Twitter troll” who does not care about her actual job.

Can somebody please direct Jonah to the nearest fainting couch? It should be noted that Jonah is a never Trump guy who isn’t going to like anything done by an

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Trump bashes Marine vet congressman as an American fraud on Memorial Day

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Donald Trump picked Memorial Day to attack Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Pa.), a Marine Corps veteran, as an “American fraud” and “puppet for Crazy Nancy Pelosi” as the president endorsed the lawmaker’s rival on Monday.

Trump goofed up the attack, referring to Conor Lamb as “Connor Lamm” as he pitched Republican candidate Sean Parnell in the election for Lamb’s Pennsylvania seat.

Trump appeared to be unaware that Lamb, far from being Pelosi’s “puppet,” was one of only 15 Democrats in the House who did not vote for her to become speaker in 2017.

Lamb won his seat in March 2018 in a contest with Republican Rick Saccone, who was endorsed by Trump. It was a stunning Democratic upset in a longtime Republican district that faced the special election after Republican Rep. Tim Murphy resigned over an extramarital affair.

What really got to critics on Twitter was Trump’s attack on a veteran on Memorial Day from a president who dodged the Vietnam War draft with a suspect medical complaint of “bone spurs.” It’s not known why Trump would call Lamb a “fraud.”

Lamb, who was a captain in the Marine Corps, suggested the best revenge will be at the ballot box.


Parnell also got socked on Twtter for gushing about the “shoutout” that bashed a fellow veteran from Trump, the same president who berated the late Sen. John McCain for getting captured in Vietnam, and demeaned a Muslim gold star family that lost a son in Iraq.

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Bots Are Likely Responsible For Nearly Half Of COVID-19 Tweets Say Researchers

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Many of them are promoting fake cures, spreading conspiracy theories and pushing to “re-open America.”

early half of some 200 million tweets about COVID-19 likely came from bots, with many of them plugging false cures, peddling conspiracy theories and clamoring for the U.S. to drop safety measures in order to re-open America, researchers have found.

Ongoing research by computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University indicates that a significant portion of the social media conversation about COVID-19 is likely automated amplifications of political perspectives and do not represent individual human authors.

The study has reached no conclusion about which interests may be primarily responsible for the bots, but many of the messages are repeating information from Russian and Chinese state media. During the 2016 presidential election, computer operations linked to the Kremlin were found to be responsible for campaign tweets and other messages that further divided the American electorate by amplifying controversy.

With coronavirus, “We do know that it looks like it’s a propaganda machine, and it definitely matches the Russian and Chinese playbooks, but it would take a tremendous amount of resources to substantiate that,” lead researcher Kathleen Carley, a computer science professor and head of the university’s Center for Informed Democracy and Social Cybersecurity, said in a Carnegie Mellon report last week about the research.

“We do see that a lot of bots are acting in ways that are consistent with the story lines that are coming out of Russia or China,” Carley told VICE.

A European Union study concluded that the Kremlin and pro-Kremlin groups have launched a “significant disinformation campaign” about COVID-19 to sow panic in the West, Reuters reported earlier this year. 

Researchers said that the sophisticated bot campaign concerning COVID-19 is also aimed at exacerbating divisions in the U.S. Messages peddling conspiracy theories “increase polarization in groups. It’s what many misinformation campaigns aim to do,” Carley said. “People have real concerns about

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GOP Rep Warns Trump On Wild Scarborough Murder Claim ‘Just Stop It Will Destroy Us’

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger is one of many reeling from Trump’s meltdown attack on an outspoken critic in the press.

An Illinois Republican congressman warned President Donald Trump Sunday to “just stop” with his outrageous insinuations that MSNBC commentator Joe Scarborough is a murderer.

“Completely unfounded conspiracy. Just stop,” a frustrated Rep. Adam Kinzinger tweeted, lashing Trump’s attack on Scarborough, a frequent critic of the president. “Stop spreading it, stop creating paranoia. It will destroy us,” he added, apparently referring to Republicans and future elections — or possibly America. 

GOP critics weren’t concerned about Trump pulling down the party alone. 

Kinzinger was one of the hordes of critics who packed Twitter with outraged responses after Trump repeatedly indicated that Scarborough was somehow linked to the death of a former intern when he was a Florida congressman. Authorities determined that the 2001 death of 28-year-old intern Lori Lausutis was accidental after she collapsed of an undiagnosed heart condition and struck her head on a desk.

Scarborough’s wife and co-host, Mika Brzezinski, called Trump a “cruel, disgusting. sick person” on their program Wednesday. “He’s once again tweeting conspiracy theories about Joe, falsely accusing him of murder,” she said.

Trump’s drumbeat attack on Scarborough, co-host of “Morning Joe,” and vicious tweets linking followers to an unhinged conspiracy site, is widely regarded as a desperate attempt by the president to distract the public. He hopes to direct attention away from criticism of his lack of leadership during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis that has now claimed nearly 100,000 lives, critics argue.

For many, the unwarranted attack on a critic in the media was a bridge too far, even for Trump.

Tweets also lit up with criticism for Twitter and CEO Jack Dorsey for not taking down Trump’s unfounded murder insinuation against Scarborough, while cracking down on other users for f

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