Will tax increases on the wealthiest Americans help or hurt the economy? Or will they have no impact?

Help the economy - 46.2%
Hurt the economy - 38.5%
No impact - 15.4%
Don't know - 0%

In your opinion, do you think reducing the budget deficit should be a top priority for the president and Congress?

Should be a top priority - 87.5%
Should not be a top priority - 0%
No opinion - 12.5%

Should business owners, because of their religious beliefs, be allowed to refuse to serve customers based on sexual orientation?

Should be allowed to refuse service - 66.7%
Should not be allowed to refuse service - 33.3%


Do you think large corporations have too much influence, too little influence, or about the right amount of influence in American life and politics today?

Too much influence - 100%
Too little influence - 0%
About the right amount of influence - 0%

In terms of finding a job in today's economy, how important is a college degree?

Very important - 28.6%
Somewhat important - 14.3%
Not very important - 57.1%
Not at all important - 0%

Would you support or oppose an increase in the state gas tax to help pay for highways, roads and bridges?

Support - 37.5%
Oppose - 62.5%
Unsure - 0%

Thinking about the job situation in America today, would you say that it is now a good time or a bad time to find a quality job?

Good time - 71.4%
Bad time - 14.3%
No opinion - 14.3%

Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable impression of the Federal Reserve?

Very favorable - 0%
Somewhat favorable - 12.5%
Somewhat unfavorable - 37.5%
Very unfavorable - 37.5%
No opinion - 12.5%

Is it better for America if the best people take government jobs or if the best people go to work in the private sector?

Better if the best people take government jobs - 37.5%
Better if the best people take private sector jobs - 37.5%
No opinion - 25%

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