NYT Op-Ed Liberals You’re Not As Smart As You Think And You’re Helping Trump Win A Second Term

Well, someone finally said it: Liberals, you’re not as smart as you think—and you’re helping Donald J. Trump win a second term. Gerard Alexander, a political science professor at the University of Virginia, wrote this in The New York Times and he might have to change his name after this. He aptly noted how a) cultural centers are dominated by progressives; b) how they’re causing a backlash against liberalism; and c) how their inability to see that they are causing it will lead to a Trump victory in the next presidential election. The professor noted how the Left is overly confident in themselves, self-righteous in their beliefs, which come off as “domineering” and “smacks of superiority.” You can see how this isn’t the best sales pitch, right? It’s only compounded by the fact that the Left, confident in their moral superiority, has gone so far outside the mainstream in what is actually racist or problematic that they feel everyone else who hasn’t caught up should be shamed, humiliated, and torched by the social justice warrior mafia. 

It’s not that I’m out of touch; it’s that everyone else is wrong. That’s the mantra with this sad cadre of left-wingers. Conservative America doesn’t stand for this crap, and neither should they. For every one voter this progressive mob absorbs, two more either head for the Trump camp or are so turned off that they stay home on Election Day. It’s one thing to call the remarks about black Americans made by celebrity chef Paula Deen racist (it was) years ago. It’s another thing to label 60 million people who voted for Trump racist. The silver lining is that Democrats from the Rust Belt don’t take too kindly to this; Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) has voiced her frustration when she hears this liberal taking point. 

It’s cyclical. Conservatives ate some humble pie in 2012. Liberals did too, though they’ve failed to realize why. They’re still angered over Lady Macbeth’s loss. Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate. Like Romney with Republicans, some within the party knew this. She had no economic message, no charisma, seemed horribly inauthentic, and decided to call half the country deplorable towards the tail end the 2016 campaign.


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