Do you believe that cutting taxes on businesses and corporations will lead to an increase in jobs and economic growth, or not?

Yes - 50%
No - 50%

Hartford, the state capital of Connecticut, is close to declaring bankruptcy, saying it won't be able to pay all its bills within 60 days. Should the federal government provide bailout funding for cities with serious financial problems?

Yes, the federal government should provide bailout funding - 25%
No, the federal government should not provide bailout funding - 75%

Do you think the stock market will see a correction later this year, taking back significant gains?

Yes - 66.7%
No - 33.3%
No opinion - 0%

Which type of tax is the most fair - income tax, sales tax, payroll tax or property tax?

Income tax - 0%
Sales tax - 100%
Payroll tax - 0%
Property tax - 0%





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